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New services for NFPs

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Free online e-learning course

A new online e-learning development course, e-ready, set, GO! has been designed to provide e-learning knowledge and skills for those without time to attend face-to-face workshops.

The course, designed by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, provides four self-paced online workshops that guide participants from pre-planning to the start of developing e-learning resources.

The course, which is currently in development, will be available at the end of 2010. Please send any feedback on the course to {encode=”” title=”Sue McShane”}, ACT E-learning Coordinator or call (02) 6207 3604.

For more information visit the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

New sustainability reporting framework for NGOs

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has launched a NGO (non-government-organisation) Sector Supplement to help NGOs assess their sustainability performance.

GRI provides a sustainability reporting framework, which sets out general principles and indicators that any type of organisation can use to measure and report on their economic, environmental, and social performance.

The NGP Sector Supplement, developed by input from international NGOs including Amnesty, World Vision and Greenpeace, responds to the specific needs that NGOs face, such as ethical fundraising, prevention of corruption, and affected stakeholder management.

“The NGO Sector Supplement equips charities with a strong tool for transparent reporting on the important impacts they are achieving,” said Victoria Coleman, network manager of the Australian GRI Focal Point.

For more information visit GRI Reporting Framework.

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